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About Your Fort Wayne Chiropractic Practice

Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is committed to helping you regain and then maintain your quality of life, devoid of spine and extremity pain.

We offer specific protocols for spinal pain relief that are well-researched, well-documented, repeatedly-published and clinically-effective: Cox Technic Flexion-Distraction and Decompression Adjusting Manipulation. The Cox Technic protocols have evolved as clinical application demands and research studies dictate. We are proud to offer cutting-edge, 21st century, non-surgical spinal pain relief. The protocols were started over 55 years ago by one of our clinic's chiropractic physicians, Dr. James M. Cox I, here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our clinic's history extends back even further to include Dr. Cox I's step-father, Dr. John C Rodman DO DC, who initially practiced in the Oneil-Ross College of Chiropractic building on Berry Street before the "new" clinic was built here on Hobson Road. Dr. James Cox II joined the practice in 1996 and continues the practice today adding acupuncture to the services. His wife, Karen Cox PharmD BC-ADM CDCES, joined the practice a few years ago, bringing functional medicine to the practice.

Cox Chiropractic Medicine offers an array of approaches to manage pain and improve health.