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Real Solutions to Pain Problems - That Work!

Back pain. Leg pain. Neck pain. Arm pain. At Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc, we understand you're suffering. And we know that, if you're like other sufferers in Fort Wayne, you've searched high and low for some kind of lasting relief... some chiropractic methods, or other therapy that helps you live your life as pain-free as possible.

At Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc, rest assured we can help. Using our research-documented Cox® Technic chiropractic treatment, we have helped many Fort Wayne residents reach a measure of relief from persistant back, neck, arm and leg pain.

As chiropractic specialists, we've trained for a minimum of seven years in the diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Our focus is on natural methods of healing - through exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, and the fostering of a positive attitude.

An all-natural means of treatment using the Cox Technic, developed by Dr. James Cox, I, we gently manipulate the spine in order to relieve nerve compression and spinal pain. It's not happenstance that chiropractors do 94% of all spinal manipulations, with almost 64% of those chiropractors utilizing the Cox Technic.

While Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc understands that there is no cure for spinal pain, we have an excellent track record of easing and managing it.

If you are one of the many Fort Wayne residents that have searched for relief from back, neck, leg, or arm pain, contact Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc today. Our trusted chiropractic services are exactly what you've been looking for.

Further, functional medicine services are offered in our clinic for those seeking to understand more deeply and address more directly their health issues. Ask for appointment with Karen Cox PharmD BC-ADM CDCES for more details.