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Fort Wayne Chiropractic Non-Surgical Pain Relief

Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression chiropractic spinal manipulation is a gentle, non-force, non-surgical back pain solution for those 95% to 98% of spine pain sufferers who do not need surgery.*

One in 4 patients cost 95% of healthcare dollars going towards back pain. These cases constitute the disc herniations and stenosis spines. These are the complex cases requiring a more thorough examination, specific diagnosis, and effective treatment plans for relief of pain.

Even though we have all the medical technology alternatives available today for spine pain relief, conservative, non-surgical chiropractic approaches remain the generally agreed upon practice. Despite any pain relief that may have been the result of surgery, a spine once surgically meddled is never quite the same. Like a bruise on an apple, a surgery’s impact remains.

Research on Non-Surgical, Conservative Spine Care

Research has found that chiropractic care...

  • should be tried for at least 4 to 6 weeks before any advanced imaging (MRI, CT, etc.) or testing, especially in acute radiculopathy. (1)
  • is reasonable, especially the aggressive, non-surgical type of care for stenosis. (2)
  • compared with surgical care for spinal stenosis offered nearly equal relief (50% non-surgical vs 53% surgical) in reported improvement at 8-10 years after care. (3)
  • compared with surgical care for lumbar disc herniation offered similar relief in reported improvement (69% of surgically treated vs 61% of non-surgically treated). (4)
  • of radicular pain (arm or leg pain) may be superior to surgery based on cost, morbidity (death), and complications. (5)
  • compared with surgery for spinal stenosis and disc herniation and leg pain: surgery gives short-term relief of symptoms that decline over the long-term. (6)

Bottomline: non-surgical pain relief treatments should be tried prior to surgical interventions.

Conservative, Non-Surgical chiropractic Care: Cox Technic

The Cox Technic chiropractic procedure is documented to bring about pain relief in low back pain patients in 12 visits and 29 days on average. This is not-withstanding a particular diagnosis. For example, the disc herniation, particularly the L4 disc herniation, was recorded to take more visits and treatments than the sprain/strain. But alleviaton with the non-surgical course of action of Cox Technic is a logical, conservative course of action to spine pain relief.

  • Flexion-distraction has been discovered to be more effective in reducing pain for 1 year following treatment when compared to a form of physical therapy. (7)
  • Flexion-distraction patients, who previously had partaken in a randomized comparison to physical therapy for back pain, sought far fewer healthcare visits in the year following chiropractic flexion-distraction care. (8)
  • Flexion-distraction helped a patient avoid surgery for a clinically and imaging-confirmed disc herniation. (9)
  • Flexion-distraction relieves pain within one week of the first visit in a patient with major low back and leg pain as a result of an L4-5 disc herniation. (10)
  • Flexion-distraction protocols relieve back and leg pain from a CT-confirmed L5-S1 disc protrusion. Back school, nutrition, electrical stimulation and exercise were all combined in this chiropractic treatment plan as well. (11)

Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression is the non-surgical, chiropractic pain relief procedure for your spinal pain condition whether you are just starting to seek care or have already had many forms of care and still hurt. The Cox Technic chiropractic procedure has guidelines in place to oversee your progress to pain relief.

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* Generally accepted surgery requirements are symptoms of cauda equina syndrome (bowel and bladder dysfunction) and/or progressive neurological deficit (your pain is getting worse). Fortunately, these are rare situations.