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chiropractic care is your natural, non-surgical option for spinal health and spine pain relief. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc administers gentle, effective chiropractic care for wellness to pain relief from low back pain, stenosis, disc herniation, neck pain, arm pain, leg pain and more in Waynedale. Our chiropractic physician staff is highly educated in the function of the spine, the conditions that may influence its health, and the treatment that may restore you back to your pain-free quality of life. Find out more about us.

Personalized chiropractic Care in Waynedale

From your first contact with Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc scheduling your appointment, you will know that chiropractic care is the perfect option for your spinal health and spinal pain rehabilitation. In Waynedale, Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc prides itself on treating you like the individual you are. In the process of your examination, each symptom and detail you explain is documented with the other clinical test results. Learn more about our treatment plan.

Choosing the Right chiropractic in Waynedale

Choosing the chiropractic physician right for you might be overwhelming, but Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc in Waynedale invites you to review our website, see just how thoroughly we know about the spine. Think about the treatment plan we offer for your relief and wellness. We are comprehensive from the spinal examination, diagnosis, and in-office treatment to at-home care suggestions like nutrition, support belts, and exercise that may speed up your healing process time and keep you pain-free and in great condition. Call us today.

We look forward to caring for you at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc when you visit from Waynedale!

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