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Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc's Use of Patient Education

You must understand the cause of the pain, if you want to maximize your chance of pain relief.

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We will meet with you after the examination and analyze your results and build a treatment plan with you.

It has been written by Cedrashi et. al. (1) that a congruent patient is one who comprehends and accepts the realistic expectations for recovery from pain; finds better satisfaction with the care. We at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc work hard to instruct you about your condition; its care at home, its care in office, and its management in the days ahead.

Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc furnishes you all the tools -- Back School, consultation, conditions explanations -- to be a congruent, satisfied, pain-free patient!

Contact Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc in Fort Wayne for your examination and treatment plan.

  1. Cedraschi: The role of congruence between patient and therapist in chronic low back pain patients. J of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 19(4)