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Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc's Use of Electrotherapy

Pain is seldom ignored and calls for relief. Electrotherapy is the medical application of electrical currents to spur healing and reduce pain. Electrotherapy may help in this regard. Electrotherapy comes in a variety of forms. It may be referred to as galvanic current, interferential current, electrical stimulating currents, or electrical muscle stimulation.

  • Galvanic therapy - low volt or high volt - drives out inflammation and sedates inflamed nerves. It is deep penetrating therapy that increases circulation, decreases muscular inflammation and promotes healing. It can also decrease pain sensation.
  • Interferential current may be applied. It is similar to galvanic therapy in its purpose. Interferential current is another electrical modality used by doctors that has shown benefit in treating pain and muscle spasm associated with low back conditions. Interferential current penetrates deeply with inflamed tissue and causes a comfortable sensation to the patient. Two medium frequency currents are used to intersect and penetrate the tissues with very little resistance. The intersection of the currents is placed at the desired disc level at a setting for decreasing acute pain and muscle spasm. The usual treatment time is 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Electrical stimulating currents, like tetanizing, are also applied to the involved muscles in back or extremity to relax and stimulate muscles.
  • Electrical muscle stimulation can be used to help strengthen muscles that may be weak or atrophied due to injury or surgery.

Electrotherapy, whatever its form, is meant to hasten your healing and reduce your pain as part of your Fort Wayne chiropractic treatment plan.

Talk with Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc for further information on electrotherapy and its potential benefit for you.