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April 07, 2011

When you have back pain, what kind of doctor comes to mind to help? A back pain specialist.

A back pain specialist is a doctor who not only likes to treat back pain, but also one who is dedicated to treating back pain in general and even has focused additional training on back pain treatment and relief. A chiropractic back pain specialist is educated first in chiropractic school to examine, diagnose and treat spinal pain conditions like back pain, neck pain, leg pain, etc., then builds on that base knowledge as he or she grows in clinical experience and knowledge.

Providing distinct training in spinal manipulation has led to its members performing 94% of the spinal manipulation in the United States (1). chiropractic enjoys a reputation in the public's eye of being a healthcare profession that addresses back pain and painful musculoskeletal conditions. While chiropractic by definition uses the nervous system to relieve pain, it offers many techniques for relief of pain throughout the body. chiropractic for back pain and spine pain relief is most readily recognized by the healthcare system and reimbursement system. One could argue that this is not embracing enough of all chiropractic has to offer, not only in Fort Wayne but throughout the world.

However, 80% of Americans live with back pain at some point in their life and 1 in 3 has back pain right now. chiropractic doctors are busy, especially those chiropractors who may even be known as the back pain specialists in Fort Wayne who focus their chiropractic practices on back pain examination, diagnosis and relief. Wouldn't you prefer care from someone who knows back pain because he or she sees it all day, every day? Experience counts for much in being a back pain specialist. Being the Fort Wayne back pain specialist is a privilege and an excitement. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc welcomes back pain patients to the chiropractic practice.

In Fort Wayne chiropractic back pain specialists who incorporate the protocols of Cox Technic flexion-distraction and decompression rely on the evidence-based practice guidelines that flexion-distraction provides. In its nearly 50 years history, Cox Technic is documented in the research literature via textbooks and peer-reviewed journals as well as online case reports. Clinical outcomes are documented and published for the healthcare world to see, appreciate and even critique; as deemed necessary. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc prides itself in providing documented-effective back pain relief care. In Fort Wayne chiropractic back pain specialists with Cox Technic in the repertoire of techniques at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc confidently offer back and neck pain patients answers to their questions like "How long until I feel better?" and "Do I have to have surgery?" as well as "What is causing my back pain?" because Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc has the documentation to support their answers.

Back pain specialists trained in Cox Technic protocols examine and diagnose the back pain condition thoroughly. The back examination may include a review of any imaging you have. Nonetheless, these first steps are vital to back pain relief. Without a clear diagnosis from a thorough examination, the back pain specialist is not able to set the treatment plan appropriately and clinical outcomes may not be forthcoming. So be assured, Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc will take its time in examining you and detailing what you will need to do at home and in office for maximum relief.

Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc finds that Cox Technic protocols aid the back pain specialist in placing the back pain patient in one of two groups - Protocol I and Protocol II. Regardless of the group, the back pain specialist then monitors and modifies the treatment plan according to the 50% rule, meaning that the back pain sufferer's progress toward relief is monitored by the back pain specialist at each visit, and the frequency of visits and type of treatment is adapted to the progress.

Cox Technic non-surgical protocols are documented for the back pain specialist to follow. Successfully, 91% of patients in the 1000 cases study found relief of their pain at 90 days of care; they did not become "chronic" pain patients. 29 days and 12 visits were the average clinical outcomes for back pain relief in this data collection from 30 chiropractic back pain specialists' clinics. (2) The back pain specialist is also realistic and will be down-to-earth when explaining that the goal of care is "control, not cure" in many cases of back pain due to conditions that are congenital or degenerative in nature.

Despite, back pain relief may be yours at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc, the Fort Wayne back pain specialist clinic. Contact Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc today for an examination, diagnosis and treatment plan for your back pain relief.

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