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Fort Wayne Neck Pain Responds to Chiropractic Care

September 14, 2021

Does any neck pain sufferer enjoy getting an xray or MRI or injection or surgery? Nope! Recent studies are showing that receiving spinal manipulation – 90% of which is delivered by chiropractors - may help such Fort Wayne neck pain patients avert treatment escalation to imaging/injections/surgery.  Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is here to help with that!


Neck pain alongside Fort Wayne back pain are primary causes of disability around the world and here in Fort Wayne. Chiropractic is being related as a safe, effective option for management of back and neck pain for quite a few sufferers. Chiropractic is explained as care centered on spine care and treatment of spine pain conditions with spinal manipulation. Spinal manipulation is explained as inhibiting back and neck pain partly by spine related mechanisms and possibly via peripheral mechanisms that control inflammatory pain responses. More research is recommended to determine just what the specific and non-specific effects of spinal manipulation are. (1) We use spinal manipulation every day at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc.


Spinal manipulation for neck pain is shown to reduce the risk of treatment escalation. 42% of neck pain patients wanting relief find that their treatment is heightened to include care like imaging, injection, emergency room visit, or surgery. Such risk was 2.38 times greater in those who received care other than spinal manipulation. Spinal manipulation decreased the risk. Over 90% of spinal manipulation is done by chiropractors in the US. (2) Your Fort Wayne chiropractor uses specialized, research-based, safe, and gentle spinal manipulation for neck pain relief.


As an example of how a specific form of spinal manipulation, Cox® Technic flexion distraction, facilitates in relieving pain, a patient case about a patient with neurofibromatosis who had headaches, temporomandibular discomfort as well as neck, scapular and lumbar pain, manually treated cervical spine flexion distraction spinal manipulation together with myofascial release, patient education about adjusting her workplace ergonomics, and at-home care reduced her neck and thoracic spine pain and headache frequency. (3) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc works one-on-one with each neck pain sufferer to give him/her the tools and knowledge to get such relief.


Explaining to chronic nonspecific Fort Wayne neck pain patients things they can do to help themselves and to understand their neck pain enriches their outcomes. A study comparing therapeutic exercise alone to therapeutic exercise plus pain neuroscience education to help them understand their condition found that the combination was more impactful. The combination dropped the patients’ pain-disability scores, pain catastrophizing thoughts, and fear-avoidance beliefs. (4) That’s the goal of care for us at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc: reduced pain.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Ben Glass on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes his use of manually treated cervical spine Cox® Technic Flexion Distraction to ease neck pain for two patients suffering with painful disc herniations.

Make your Fort Wayne chiropractic appointment soon. To those Fort Wayne neck pain sufferers not desiring too much treatment and testing, our spinal manipulation care may be just the care you need!

Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc delivers chiropractic spinal manipulation to decrease neck pain. Such spinal manipulation decreases the risk of treatment escalation.