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May 01, 2012

At Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc, the outcomes of treating patients with lumbar spine disc herniations with specialized chiropractic techniques is a large component of our chiropractic services practice. We aim to offer the best system of care when our Fort Wayne back pain patients pick us for pain relief and return to work. So, we want to share another documented reason why non-surgical back pain relief like ours should be a big consideration... baseball players' back pain experiences.

Baseball players get back pain relief non-surgically quicker.
In a study of 69 professional baseball players with lumbar spine disc herniations, researchers analyzed the surgical and non-surgical outcomes. Overall, 97% of them went back to play at an average of 6.6 months. Still,
  • non-surgically treated players went back to play in 3.6 months and
  • surgically treated players returned in 8.7 months. (1)
What got them back to playing baseball (their work!) faster?

Yes, the non-surgical treatment for disc herniation was more advantageous in returning the professional athlete to the game than the surgical. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is certainly here for all the Fort Wayne athletes, but we’re really here for you. Could non-surgical treatment work for you? Well, your spine more than likely receives less stress than a professional athlete’s. That weighs on the side that your lower back pain and leg pain may respond even better. And our Cox Technic system of care is gentle, safe and effective with federally funded research support behind it.

So, contact Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc for an assessment if you suffer from lower back pain and/or leg pain due to a disc herniation. We're here for you!