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December 04, 2012

spine pain help from Fort Wayne chiropractorsThe whole town is discussing lowering healthcare costs. You want to pay as little for your healthcare. Insurers want to pay less for healthcare. The future is going to depend on the proof-based effects recorded in studies like this one to assist in reducing healthcare costs.

We chiropractors have been shown to provide top-notch spinal pain, back pain, neck painleg pain and arm pain relief at a fragment of the expense of surgical and other medical approaches. Indeed, costs were 40% less for back pain care beginning with a chiropractor than with a medical doctor. (1) The recorded costs are $23,562 for medical care claims and only $2597 for chiropractic care claims. (2)

We chiropractors are thought of as part of complementary alternative medicine (CAM). In spine care, though, we do provide 94% of all spinal manipulation(3,4) So, are we chiropractors really CAM? Interesting question.

But anyway, Fort Wayne chiropractic care at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc reduces pain efficiently and at an acceptable cost. Take a look over this study of over 12,000 neck and back pain patients (5):

  1. Complementary alternative medicine care is better and less expensive than non-complementary alternative medicine care.
  2. CAM users report better health, education and less co-morbidity than non-CAM users.
  3. CAM users’ annual spine costs are $424 less than non-CAM users.
  4. CAM users’ overall annual healthcare costs are $796 less than non-CAM users.
  5. CAM users did not add to the overall medical spending.

chiropractor helping patient with back painFor lower back pain and neck pain conditions, contact Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc today. Trust our Fort Wayne chiropractic non-surgical complementary alternative medicine for your spine pain relief. You will be impressed with our professionalism and our gentle, safe and effective lower back pain treatment.