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What Factors Play A Role in Fort Wayne Back Pain, Arm Pain And Leg Pain?

December 25, 2018

Your Fort Wayne chiropractor is always on alert for relatable ways to answer Fort Wayne back pain patients’ questions. Fort Wayne back pain patients like simple answers. Your Fort Wayne chiropractor at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc does, too. Check out these factors that guide your relief of Fort Wayne back pain, arm and leg pain.


Chronic non-specific Fort Wayne low back pain (LBP) is a major socioeconomic problem even though the mechanisms are not yet clear. Impaired motor control is one issue which was indicated by a reduced movement amplitude of the pelvis, more in-phase coordination, lower ground reaction forces, greater stride-to-stride variability and a higher activity in spine muscles. Impaired motor control during walking is reflected in higher activity of the spine muscles which leads to a stiffened lumbar-pelvic region. (1) Dysmobility Syndrome (DMS) (abnormal spine motion) of the musculoskeletal system and adverse health problems in older population is seen. Abnormal spine mobility is associated with metabolic syndrome (MetS) (2), and MetS encompasses a grouping of cardiovascular risk factors (insulin resistance, hypertension, glucose intolerance, low HDL-C, and hypertriglyceridemia. (7) DMS and MetS are related in six domains: elevated body fat, declined muscle mass, lessened muscle strength, osteoporosis, slow gait speed, and balance issues. Particularly, insulin resistance was linked to higher body fat, osteoporosis and balance. This study revealed a strong relationship between DMS and the existence of MetS and its components in the elderly population. (2) Additionally, low high density lipid (HDL) cholesterol and high low density cholesterol/high density lipid cholesterol ratio were significantly associated with low back pain in a middle-aged Japanese population. Fort Wayne back pain patients are like them! These discoveries might back the atherosclerosis-low back pain connection hypothesis. (3) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc helps Fort Wayne chiropractic patients with Fort Wayne back pain relief and with their wish to address confounding metabolic issues.


Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc urges Fort Wayne chiropractic patients to exercise even doing something as simple as walk. Researchers assessed the effects of an exercise therapy program on pain and physical dimension of health-related quality of life for 57 young adults aged 21 average with musculoskeletal pain. A nine-week stabilization exercise therapy program, used 60 minutes once a week, revealed improved pain and disability and intensified spine muscle endurance. This study revealed that a 9-week progressive exercise therapy program can improve physical health and decrease the incidence of cervical disability and low back pain in young people with musculoskeletal pain. (4) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc highlights that exercise is effective!


Fort Wayne back pain in elderly successfully reduces balance ability. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc doesn’t see this as a good thing! These patients exhibited reduced dependence on ankle and hip strategy for balance control causing a deficit of postural control from proprioceptive impairment. Moreover, elderly patients with low back pain are at higher risk for lower leg proprioceptive decrease and balance ability. (5) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc certainly checks Fort Wayne back pain patients for issues with balance.


One more interesting issue is low hand grip strength in women aged over 50 years with low physical activity was significantly related to the existence of low back pain. (6) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc finds this interesting, but it’s documented!

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Listen to this PODCAST by Dr. Loren Miller as he shares his chiropractic care of a back pain patient who experienced several health issues on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson. (His personal experience with back pain and neck pain is also fascinating!)

Schedule your Fort Wayne chiropractic appointment today for a Fort Wayne chiropractic treatment plan created just for you because exercise (regardless of the age of the patient) and good general health equate to enhanced spine motion and motor control.

A few Fort Wayne back pain relief factors Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc evaluates are exercise, balance, and movement.