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February 14, 2012
"Doctor, could my knee pain be related to my low back pain?"
Time after time we Fort Wayne chiropractors see patients who possess knee pain and have previously gone through knee examination, MRI, x-ray, various therapies, knee strengthening exercises, etc., with no relief. Do you know someone with this history? You?
sciatic nerve distributionWell, Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc has seen this type of patient more often than not. Often the knee pain is "found" while we are performing the examination for the lower back pain the patient came to us for in the first place! But, we know that knee pain is created from spinal nerve irritation in the lower back that results in knee pain. Yes, it's true. The knee is heavily supplied with nerves starting from the low back. Actually, some of these spinal nerves compose the nerve you know as the sciatic nerve which actually has divisions and communication pathways at the knee joint. So much happens at the knee!
Now, Fort Wayne knee pain can be incapacitating. In one study of nursing personnel, knee pain and back pain much pain and disability. Interestingly, the relationships between the physical, psychosocial, chronicity, care seeking and absenteeism due to complaints of the lower back and knee pain were also studied. Guess what? 51% report lower back pain and 23% knee pain. These subjects also report that their work as highly demanding physically and their general health as moderate or bad. These two perceptions are the strongest risk factors for lower back and knee pain. Knee pain complaints cause significant burden in nursing staff. (1) Our Fort Wayne chiropractic practice is here to help nurses and you when knee pain strikes!
If you suffer from knee pain in Fort Wayne, consult Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc for an examination of your spine and possible spinal nerve irritation from the lower back as a cause of your pain. Even if you have arthritis of the knee and tried knee exercises to help, Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc can evaluate and create a treatment plan to address the complete problem.