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Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc Manages Back Pain Fear with our Chiropractic Patients

December 14, 2022

Had back pain before? Yes? It’s common to fear its recurrence, but don’t let it slow you down! This time of year, just think of Santa. Think he’s had back pain before delivering all those packages and parcels? Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc expects he has! Santa can’t stop, and neither can you. Fort Wayne chiropractic care can help you deal with new back pain and chronic back pain and direct our Fort Wayne back pain sufferers to live a bit more fear-lessly and confidently this holiday season.


Your Fort Wayne chiropractor realizes this: many low back pain patients fear bending forward. Researchers analyzed this common clinical finding and found that this fear of bending forward also affects postural sway or balance by interfering with hip balance control, causing weight shifting from side to side to maintain balance. (1) What is an unwanted effect of being off-balance? A fall. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc finds it very important to help our back pain patients – especially our older back pain patients – to keep their balance!


“There is an app for that!” Just what our older Fort Wayne chiropractic patients with balance issues want to hear?! As much as “tech” can annoy some of its users, especially some older users, it can help! The novel smartphone-based Gait&Balance App is offered. Researchers have verified that it is able to measure age-related differences in balance not necessarily noted during clinical exam measurements like postural stability, step time, step length and cycle. (2) These insights can assist healthcare providers like your chiropractor design a more effective and individualized treatment plan to decrease fear of movement and increase balance.  This is quite hopeful, so much so that chiropractic researchers are doing more research study to measure the benefits of multimodal chiropractic care in its ability to influence gait, balance and/or fall risk and prevention. (3) One encouraging study with older lumbar spinal stenosis patients (average age 83.5 years) found that their postural sway and entropy as well as function and symptomatology were improved with a course of chiropractic care including Cox® Technic Flexion Distraction Decompression spinal manipulation. (4) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc uses this treatment along with nutrition and exercise to help our patients keep moving fearlessly and balanced!


A new nutrition finding this month may also help this effort. It comes from researchers analyzing levels of biomarkers – C-reactive protein, vitamin D, neuropeptide Y and others - in low back pain patients tested with blood tests with pain and disability. Vitamin D which keeps appearing in many health news reports today also appears to be a potential biomarker for back pain relief and disability. A respected randomized control study found a correlation between vitamin D levels and changes in both pain and disability for low back pain patients treated with spinal manipulation. (5) One day, we may do blood tests to check for back pain risks!

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Joel Dixon on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes his helping a Vietnam veteran deal with his back pain for 20 years, incorporating the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management.

Schedule your Fort Wayne chiropractic appointment today. Calling all our Fort Wayne back pain patients! Bring us your back pain and your fear of back pain, bending and falling. We can help you handle them as well as Santa fearlessly and efficiently delivers all his presents in one night! 

Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc helps back pain sufferers control their fear of back pain recurrence and/or pain from moving with chiropractic care.