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October 02, 2018

“I feel amazing!”

“I am so happy I found Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc for my Fort Wayne low back pain care.”
Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is always pleased to hear this feedback from our Fort Wayne back pain patients! Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc strives to help Fort Wayne back pain patients attain the back pain relief they desire with a personalized chiropractic treatment plan just for their specific condition and its pain relief and control.


With the lifetime prevalence of low back pain experience reported to be as high as 70%-80%, there are many Fort Wayne low back pain sufferers. Many of those proceed to live with chronic pain and keep searching for relief. With this awareness, a team of researchers is undertaking a study of these patients’ care via 4 various ways: information/advice only; physiotherapy/information/advice; chiropractic care; chiropractic care/physiotherapy/information/advice. Statistics will be collected from the anticipated 600 participating back pain persons at 3, 6 and 12 months of care for effectiveness of care: cost, quality of life, pain relief, etc. (1) Which chronic low back pain care group do you think will benefit most? Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc finds this to be an exciting proposal!


90%of patients in a study of chronic neck pain and back pain patients seeking care with chiropractors at 125 different practices stated high satisfaction with their care. Avoiding surgery was the most important goal for deciding on chiropractic. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc sees that as a good reason to pursue chiropractic care for back pain and neck pain, the 2 most common types of chronic pain! And chiropractic spinal manipulation care is a popular non-drug approach for chronic pain. (2) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc specializes in satisfactory Fort Wayne chronic back pain relief care.

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