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Fort Wayne Chiropractor is Well Trained in Anatomy to Care for Your Spine

July 21, 2020

Gross. Macroscopic. Microscopic. Topographical. Sounds like we’re talking about geography or something, but it is really human anatomy. Anatomy is a 2000+ years old study. The ancient Greeks did it long ago! Understanding human anatomy is vital to healthcare practitioners…and their patients! Anatomy study typically was through dissection, but today novel technology allows knowledge of the body without it. (1) Your Fort Wayne chiropractor is well-trained in anatomy. Your Fort Wayne chiropractor’s knowledge of anatomy informs your treatment plan from exam to nutrition to treatment for Fort Wayne back pain relief. 


Learning new material can be intimidating. Healthcare and chiropractic schools are full of learning and students. Students’ reactions to learning anatomy vary: first year dental students were more anxious than chiropractic students; 2nd year chiropractic students esteemed anatomy education greater than medical students. Chiropractic students’ motivation and anatomy performance were intertwined in one study. If they were motivated to learn, they did better in anatomy. (2) Your Fort Wayne chiropractor was very motivated to learn anatomy!


Testing the impact of technology on anatomy knowledge, researchers shared videos with chiropractic students as additional resources for their study. Of the 71% of students who chose to also use video to learn in addition to dissection, 82% said the videos were “helpful” and 73% viewed them as “an enjoyable way to study”. (3) That’s a good use of tech!


Chiropractic puts anatomy to good use! Chiropractic necessitates a solid knowledge foundation of musculoskeletal anatomy. Chiropractic school curricula is created to enrich anatomy knowledge every year of the program. Remembering the knowledge when useful in clinical practice is the goal. A survey of chiropractic students revealed that they showed significant rise in knowledge throughout the program as expected. (4) Anatomy instruction in chiropractic education is similar in design, delivery and assessment, particularly for topographical anatomy and neuroanatomy. (5) It appears that learning anatomy in the classroom combined with seeing how the knowledge is applied in the clinical context boosted students’ learning and motivation to learn. (6)


Anatomy has been one of the key preclinical topics in chiropractic education. Its importance is well-acknowledged. Linking clinical skills to anatomy knowledge in the later years of school benefit chiropractors as they start clinical practice upon graduation and after.  (7) Surveyed practicing chiropractors reported that the most relevant and applicable course for clinical practice in chiropractic school was neuroanatomy (100% agreement). Gross anatomy (99.2%) and histology (86%) were next in line of importance. Anatomy is highly relevant to clinical practice. (8) Your Fort Wayne chiropractor at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc ties everything together: exam findings and anatomy to care for and alleviate your pain.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Michael McMurray  on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes spinal stenosis anatomically and how The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management helps relieve its pain.

Schedule your next Fort Wayne chiropractic appointments with Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc. There is no need to be grossed out by anatomy! Be pleased that your chiropractor knows anatomy to lessen your Fort Wayne back pain, neck pain, and other spine-related pain.

Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc proudly delivers chiropractic care based on knowledge of anatomy to diagnose and treat spine related pain.