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November 10, 2015

Choking. That’s a definition of stenosis. That gives you a stark image, a constricting image, a scary image. Applied to spinal stenosis, it’s the choking of the spinal canal space where spinal nerves lie. The nerves want their space. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc gets that. With its gentle spinal manipulation protocols of Cox Technic, Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is often able to help Fort Wayne back pain and neck pain patients get relief of the stenosis and regain a satisfactory quality of life as well as improve balance and gait that often are affected by spinal stenosis.


To stand and walk and move around, the body does things automatically to keep us upright and in position. Low back pain causes a loss of body positioning control. It even reduces movement control and makes it difficult to adapt to surface changes like slight inclines or uneven flooring. (1) Spinal stenosis is one of those low back pain conditions that tends to affect balance and gait, and Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc sees often in this Fort Wayne chiropractic practice.

Now Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc often sees patients who, naturally, want that quick fix like surgery to remedy the pain and balance trouble and discomfort that back problems like spinal stenosis bring. Unfortunately, spine surgery for spinal stenosis is not shown to improve balance. Surgery may produce some pain relief, but a new study shows that there was no improvement in balance. Why? Because behavioral patterns for balance were embedded before the surgery. The body had already adapted to its new condition before surgery. (2) Wow. So how might Fort Wayne chiropractic care benefit spinal stenosis?

Well, chiropractic care before surgery for spinal stenosis may improve the outcome by improving movement before surgery, breaking the bad movement habits before surgery. This may well reduce the functional limitations patients experience after surgery. Luckily, some researchers are studying this issue of what can be done before surgery to optimize outcomes after surgery. (3) Seeing your Fort Wayne chiropractor before surgery may be part of the fix you’re seeking!

So contact Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc about your spinal stenosis and any balance issues you may have. The Fort Wayne chiropractic care may well keep the choking of spinal stenosis at bay.