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January 03, 2017

Chiropractic. What is it for? Why do Fort Wayne folks seek care at a chiropractor’s office?

Well, Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc knows what it does well! Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc helps Fort Wayne chiropractic patients keep healthy and get pain relief when they experience back pain, neck pain, arm pain or leg pain, so they can return to doing their normal life activities. It’s funny that sometimes we people – individuals and even groups like a group of chiropractors - don’t know ourselves as well as others do. So some chiropractic researchers are working to help chiropractors and their profession define and describe who chiropractors are and what place chiropractic holds in the overall healthcare system. Let’s see if you agree with what they say about chiropractic.

One article suggests that chiropractors are “spinal health and well-being experts”. (1) Chiropractors are intimately acquainted with the spine! Our Fort Wayne chiropractic patients would likely agree with that! Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc offers much in the way of care for our Fort Wayne chiropractic patients in keeping their spines healthy and working toward overall well-being once a painful back episode resolves.

Another article comes out and states that, based on surveys of chiropractors and members of the general public, chiropractors are known as spine care providers within the larger healthcare system. What do they base this on? Patients seek chiropractic care for back pain and neck pain. Insurance companies get claims from chiropractic patients for back pain and neck pain care. Chiropractic education and accreditation center on the diagnosis and treatment spine and musculoskeletal conditions. What theme seems to run through all of these? Spine care. (2) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc certainly cares for the spine and its related issues. Back pain and neck pain are welcome at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc. Our Fort Wayne chiropractic care incorporates Cox Technic to non-surgically relieve back pain and neck pain gently and safely. The protocols are well-researched and documented to relieve spine-related musculoskeletal pain.

Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc welcomes Fort Wayne patients seeking help with their spinal conditions be they related to back pain, leg pain, neck pain, or arm pain due to disc degeneration, spinal stenosis, disc herniation, back pain that continues after back surgery, pregnancy-related back pain, or any one of a host of other back pain conditions. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc offers chiropractic care via an individualized treatment plan for Fort Wayne spine patients to find relief of their pain and a path for a healthier life beyond pain.

And what might Fort Wayne chiropractic patients appreciate about their care? Spinal manipulation and advice on how to care for themselves. Fort Wayne chiropractic care for back pain and neck pain often involves in-office spinal manipulation and home exercise. Chiropractic patients like spinal manipulation for its inherent stretching and motion as well as their chiropractor’s competency in delivering the spinal manipulation. Having to come to the office for treatment isn’t always their favorite thing though! (Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc hears that!) Chiropractic patients like home exercise for its convenience and their being able to develop an exercise habit to continue on their own, something they can do to help themselves. Having to actually DO the exercises isn’t their favorite part of exercise routine though! (Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc hears that, too! It’s tough to start a new habit!) (3) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc’s goal is to empower our patients to participate in their care and healing from back pain and neck pain.|Passing along the ability to participate in the care of back pain and neck pain is what Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc wants to do.]8] Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc wants to help our Fort Wayne chiropractic patients get through the tough pain part and then turn over an on-going care plan to prevent future back pain episodes!

Contact Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc today to address your spine and its needs be they to keep healthy and/or return to health after a spinal injury or painful episode of back pain. Fort Wayne chiropractic care at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc cares for the spine and promotes overall well-being.