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Fort Wayne Leg Pain

Leg Pain Relief At Last

 When it comes to diagnosing leg pain, the issue is rarely with the leg at all. For instance, if the pain would be shooting down the back of your leg and making your little toe numb, the issue is likely your L5S1 disc pressing on a nerve. If you haven't guessed yet, at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc, we find that determining leg pain can be enjoyable.

 However, we understand that leg pain is zero fun for you. Especially when you learn that the pain is actually coming from the spine. The question then becomes, "How do I treat the pain in my leg if it's coming from my spine?" The answer:

 Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc's Cox Technic

 Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc offers leg pain (aka sciatica) alleviation to Fort Wayne residents with Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression, a non-surgical chiropractic treatment proven to relieve leg pain - along with associated lower back pain - and assist in controlling it.

 Give us 30 days. The point of the treatment is 50% alleviation of leg pain in 30 days, though most patients find up to 100% relief and often much more speedily. A good number of our patients even keep on working during care. Just know that you won't have to be under care forever.

 Our goal is to get you back to your normal life as fast as possible. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc keeps a close eye on your progress at every visit. As you heal, the amount of visits is reduced. 91% of Cox Technic patients report pain relief at the conclusion of treatment. That's a massive percentage!

 Even though no cure for back and leg pain has yet been found, we at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc help Fort Wayne leg pain patients just like you every day. We're positive you, too, can have relief and control for your leg pain enough to enjoy your life more fully.

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