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Knee pain. Osteoarthritis. Common terms. Common conditions Fort Wayne Chiropractic Radiological Center hears about and helps! Fort Wayne Chiropractic Radiological Center offers treatment to Fort Wayne knee pain sufferers with the degenerative joint disorder called osteoarthritis. Joint tissue damage and pain often are the indications of osteoarthritis and knee pain. Fort Wayne knee pain patients typically value non-surgical interventions. Fort Wayne Chiropractic Radiological Center presents those for knee pain as well as back, leg, neck and arm pain.


Medical care for most complaints including knee pain is usually medication and surgery. Recently, it has created a joint-specific distraction device that wasn’t a hit with patients due to its not allowing flexion during the treatment phase of 6 weeks. The researchers worked on its design some, but it’s still being checked to find out how patients take to it. (1) Well, chiropractors have a better, more acceptable way to treat the knee with distraction! It is gentle. It feels good. It does not have be a visible device worn everywhere to be helpful! It doesn’t involve medications! So good.


Knee pain treated with chiropractic flexion distraction principles delivers knee pain sufferers hope. A new report just published discusses outcomes for 25 patients with knee pain (many with osteoarthritis, some acute, some chronic, even some post-knee replacement with continued knee pain) treated with chiropractic flexion distraction. Overall knee pain patients described pain drops from 7.7 to 1.8  (1 [no pain] – 10 [worst pain]) in a mean of 5.3 treatments over 3 weeks. More precisely, acute knee pain patients reported pain drops from 8.1 to 1.1 in 4.8 treatments in 2.4 weeks. And chronic knee pain patients had pain drops from 7.5 to 2.2 in 5.4 treatments in 3.3 weeks. 

Pain Score Drop
(1 no pain - 10 worst pain) 
# of Treatments# of Weeks
Overall 7.7 to 1.85.33
Acute 8.1 to 1.14.8 2.4 
Chronic 7.5 to 2.25.4 3.3 
As a bonus, no one had adverse side-effects. (2) Does Cox Technic flexion distraction for knee pain work like it does for spine pain by opening the knee space to boost nutritional flow, dropping pressure, and lessening irritation of degenerative joints and adjacent bones? A biomechanical study will one day uncover the answer, but for now Fort Wayne knee pain sufferers can enjoy some relief. Fort Wayne Chiropractic Radiological Center is so excited to share this new approach of knee pain relief with Fort Wayne knee pain sufferers!

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Listen to a PODCAST with the study’s author, Dr. Luigi Albano, as he describes osteoarthritis.

Schedule a Fort Wayne chiropractic appointment to experience for yourself the soothing, relieving treatment of painful knees and osteoarthritis. Fort Wayne chiropractic care for knee pain is hands-on care for Fort Wayne knee pain.

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