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Fort Wayne Exercises Benefit Makes it a Good Resolution for All

January 03, 2023

New Year. New Resolutions. A good one is ‘add exercise’. Exercise is good for young and old alike, increasing cognition, health, sleep quality, etc.. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc believes adding Fort Wayne exercise to your way of life is a positive behavior that ultimately enhances your life. Let’s get moving!


Culture can be supportive of physical activity…or not. Researchers evaluated various motivators for physical activity and exercise. Since being physically active is a result of self-determination, they described the mix of autonomy, competence, ego, task, and relatedness of these in the motivation to exercise. American subjects were more autonomous, task oriented, and physically active than Turkish subjects telling researchers and ultimately us clinicians to tailor exercise to the patient and his/her influences. (1) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc has to find out what motivates you! Simple? Fast? At-home? At-gym? Maybe some mindfulness? To boost the exercise effort, inserting mindfulness appears promising. Researchers found though that many have misconceptions or no concept of what mindfulness is or how it is helpful to mental and overall health. One study looked at the effectiveness of physical activity and mindfulness activities in averting mental health issues and concluded that it was promising. (2) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc appreciates those types of benefits!


A pill maybe?! None of us would confess to wanting a pill to be physically fit…or would we? No! As the pharmacological world investigates new drugs to improve cognitive function in the aging folks, researchers have also reported on nutrition, diet, probiotics, cognitive training, and physical activity, exercise, even dancing – ballroom, aerobic and Latin - as being valuable. (3) Significant motivators can be healthy lifestyle behaviors combined with chiropractic care. Treating and easing chronic pain – related to decreased brain gray matter and impaired cognitive function - was found to restore normal brain function. (4) That’s what Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc does: treat chronic pain with chiropractic care incorporating spinal manipulation.


Curious researchers tackled the question of older adults’ goals, motivations, and self-determination motivators to follow a healthy lifestyle and do activities to support that lifestyle like exercising and eating well. Factors like personality and goal-setting habits were proposed as influencers. (5) Even in kids, researchers noted that behaviors like breakfast eating, exercise, and sleep patterns affected their healthy lifestyle. Not eating breakfast in the morning – 11% of kids in a recent study did this – was linked to sleep duration, bedtime, and physical activity. 9.5% of kids said they experienced poor sleep. 24.9% slept less than the suggested 9 hours. Girls were less physically active. Bad news: Such unhealthy habits lessened children’s hand-eye coordination and attention. Positive] news: Better sleep quality enhanced reaction time in a visual attention test. (6) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is here to help you make better choices, temper expectations, and make beneficial healthy lifestyle goals.

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Make your Fort Wayne chiropractic appointment soon. A new year. A new resolution. Including exercise as a new, healthy behavior will likely boost your health, sleep quality, cognition, and more.

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