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May 07, 2013

image of dog waiting for walk"I can't walk my dog anymore. It might hurt my back."

This is an ordinary fear-avoidance comment from a Fort Wayne back pain sufferer. It's natural! Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc hears it all the time, but your Fort Wayne chiropractor urges you to exercise, to move, to see that you can still do some normal day to day activities.

picture of man walking on treadmillA fascinating study looked at patients with low back pain who either followed a protocol of pilates (specific trunk exercise) or stationary bike cycling for 8 weeks. The follow-up results at 6 months showed no telling variance between the patients who did the bike or the pilates; both groups showed improvement. At 8-weeks, disability was considerable lower in the pilates group compared to the bike group. Pain was notedly lower for the pilates group participants. Fear-avoidance behaviors were less at 8 weeks for the pilates group and at 6 months for the exercise bike group. Bottomline from the researchers: get up and exercise. (1) Pick some form of exercise - pilates, at-home exercise, walking, treadmill, yoga - and keep at it. It can't help if you don't do it.

"Doc, I feel great. I can walk my dog around the block and not hurt!"

That's what Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc wants to hear. Your Fort Wayne chiropractor feels wholeheartedly that you can do what you want if you exercise and keep doing! So contact Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc today to see what type of exercise will work for you.