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Exercise in the Fort Wayne Chiropractic Treatment Plan for Osteoporosis

March 28, 2023

Physical activity benefits everyone. Period. For those who have certain health conditions like osteoporosis, physical activity is even more logical to offset its impact on daily life. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc takes care of osteoporotic patients who worry fearfully that they may hurt themselves if they exercise or do too much. Our Fort Wayne chiropractic patients who deal with osteoporosis are encouraged to be physically active to decrease that fear and enhance their quality of life.


Quality of life is important! Post-menopausal women with osteoporotic vertebral fractures who took part in a 1 hour group exercise session two times a week for 6 months appeared to have significant improvement in functional capacity measures – indicating that they could function and get around better - and a lowered risk and fear of falls. (1) That is a big deal! The occurrence of osteoporotic fractures is greater than 40% which often result in decreased quality of life, enhanced risk of mortality after the fracture, higher economic burden, depression, loss of independence as well as pain. (2) It is no wonder that our Fort Wayne osteoporotic patients fear falling! Falling is dangerous due to the potential damage it can do to bones and the rest of the body which is especially not good for an person with osteoporosis and weakened bones! And fear of falling prevents one from fully participating in life. Exercising or performing physical activities that you can comfortably perform is key!


Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is very sensitive to the fact that not every patient follows through on our exercise recommendation. No shame or guilt from Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc! That’s how we humans are! We would like to see our Fort Wayne osteoporosis patients increase their activity level in some way as we are sure it will have a beneficial effect. In a review of 20 published studies (1824 patients), exercise significantly increased lumbar spine and femoral neck bone mineral density and eased pain for primary osteoporosis patients. (3) Another study that is on-going is testing how a 24-weeks-of-a-personalized exercise routine of aerobic and strength training exercises may expectantly positively affect muscle strength, balance, and bone mineral density as well as pain. (4) Together, Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc and you will find the right mix of activities to raise your desire to participate in some physical activity exercise!

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Osteoporotic patients must know that physical activity and exercise helps them physically and mentally, improving their quality of life. Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Kevin Moriarty on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he details treatment of a compression fracture of bone following The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management. Then, schedule your Fort Wayne chiropractic visit soon! We are honored to be your healthcare partner as you manage osteoporosis.

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