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Fort Wayne Chiropractic Treatment Plan Includes Exercise for Success

December 19, 2017

Exercise is an important piece of a successful Fort Wayne back pain relief program. Exercise is an important piece of a successful Fort Wayne leg pain relief treatment program. Exercise is an important piece of the pain-relieving Fort Wayne chiropractic treatment plan of chiropractic services for back, neck, arm and leg pain relief. Fort Wayne chiropractic patients at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc realize this since their Fort Wayne chiropractor presents this concept on day one. Regardless of the amount of pain, there is motion that all Fort Wayne back pain and leg pain patients can perform to find themselves feeling better and add to their own pain relief and future back and leg pain avoidance. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is right by their side through it all!


Exercise controls the immune system and its anti-inflammatory responses to cover pain, especially peripheral nerve injury and neuropathic pain recounts a new research study. Exercise augments anti-inflammatory cytokines to encourage healing and pain reduction.  Exercise on a treadmill raises the release of anti-inflammatory cytokines at the site of nerve injury. (1) How valuable that is! Your Fort Wayne chiropractor witnesses a dramatic benefit in this for Fort Wayne neuropathic pain patients.


Fort Wayne back pain and back-related leg pain sufferers discover that adding exercise to their Fort Wayne chiropractic treatment plans boosts the relief they achieve. In one study, chronic low back pain sufferers improved in terms of relief of how intense their pain is when exercise is blended with neurophysiology education. (2) In another study, a Navy officer felt relief of his low back and radicular leg pain due to a disc extrusion in 11 treatments over 72 days with flexion distraction (Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc’s gentle treatment technique, Cox Technic) and abdominal rehab exercises as an element of the interdisciplinary care he obtained. (3) A randomized control trial of flexion distraction (aka Cox Technic) for back pain relief found that F/D decreased back pain more than medical conservative care and physical therapy for almost all categories of back pain. One category of back pain patient – recurrent severe – showed that exercise is key to helping reduce that cycle of recurrent back pain. (4) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is well trained in the Cox Technic System for back pain relief that encourages exercise in the Fort Wayne chiropractic treatment plan.

Exercise is so critical a factor of a successful back pain relief treatment plan that researchers are now endorsing the recommendation that doctors set patients up with apps on their phones to prompt them to exercise! (5) Whatever it takes, Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is up for it! Your Fort Wayne chiropractor is ready to help our Fort Wayne back pain patients however Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc can!

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Listen to this PODCAST about how chiropractic care – treatment by the chiropractor and exercise by the patient, even as simply as walking – benefits back pain patient.

Then, schedule your Fort Wayne chiropractic appointment to recover from your low back pain and leg pain and start your back pain relief and prevention exercise routine. You’ll notice just how exercise adds to a successful treatment plan for your Fort Wayne back pain relief.

Fort Wayne exercise is an important part of the chiropractic treatment plan.