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Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc Calms Patients Fear Of Returned Back Pain With Chiropractic Care

February 13, 2019

KINESIOPHOBIA. That’s big word. It denote fear that moving may cause pain. It is something your Fort Wayne chiropractor works with Fort Wayne back pain patients all the time. It’s important to move and not fear movement. Life is motion. Motion is life. Movement is critical, and Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is all about getting our chiropractic patients moving and keeping them moving.


Chronic back pain doesn’t just alter the back and spine. It alters the back pain sufferer’s emotions and physicality, too.  Kinesiophobia is a more extreme fear of pain or re-injury upon movement. Understandably such fear affects the back pain sufferer’s quality of life, disability and pain intensity. But by how much? Researchers write that it is altered significantly. (1) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc understands. It’s wise to not desire to prompt such back pain if one can escape it. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc urges slow but sure return to usual life motions and to do it one day at a time.


Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc reports that research studies revealed improvement in walking capacity with non-surgical care for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis. This would certainly be well received by Fort Wayne back pain patients suffering with lumbar spine stenosis, the most common cause of spine surgery in US adults.  Manual therapy and individualized exercise programs delivered better short-term symptom improvement, physical function and walking capacity than medical care or group exercise. (2)


Individualized treatment plans are best to decrease pain and return motion and function. Doctors like your Fort Wayne chiropractor at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc assess muscle activation and balance ability with a one-legged balance posture in older patients and those with chronic low back pain because it’s known that chronic low back pain patients and older people are different in their muscle responses to a variety of physical tasks than those who don’t have chronic low back pain. Chronic low back pain sufferers face balance issues, too. Their trunk muscle activation during balance tasks is worse. (3) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc can find out much about Fort Wayne back pain patient’s condition with some of the simplest tests…and individualize the treatment plan as required: Cox® Technic, nutrition and exercise.

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Schedule your Fort Wayne chiropractic appointment at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc helps Fort Wayne back pain patients get past the extremeness of kinesiophobia and into the simplest of movements for a less painful life.
Fort Wayne back pain patients who fear moving may cause pain – kinesiophobia – often get over that fear with chiropractic care at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc.