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August 06, 2013

“Ommm…” leads to “Ahhhh…” for many Fort Wayne low back pain patients.

Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc suggests its chiropractic low back pain patients to attempt therapies and exercises that cause them to say "ahhh" ! We’ve had quite a few of our patients try yoga and really like it. Their lower back pain calms with yoga practice together with their chiropractic care. Certainly, Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc also recommends our back pain patients to discuss this with us before beginning any new exercise program, but yoga may prove to be a good one to try.

Now, it's not that those who practice yoga are free of health problems. Many Fort Wayne yoga participants likely take yoga classes and practice it at home because they like it. And engaging in yoga only once or twice a week doesn't really matter. One study found participants benefited from care either way. (1) So schedule just a class a week and see how well you feel!

Interestingly, in another study of those who practice yoga, 60% reported having at least one chronic or serious health condition. But most yoga folks believe that their health is improved because of yoga. And that's great! Elderly women and those battling with chronic health problems may be two groups that truly benefit most from yoga. A few of the overall improvements yoga participants report are in their

  • Levels of happiness
  • Social relationships
  • Sleep
  • Weight management (2)

So consider yoga if you haven't before. Chat with us first before starting yoga, but it may be a great addition to your back pain treatment plan. We look forward to working with you and hearing your "ahhh..." ! Contact Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc today.