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June 16, 2015

Yes, an additional study highlighting the significance of exercise. Now before you start rolling your eyes, we’re not advising anything too physical! Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc encourages an active (or at least the development of a more active!) lifestyle. It’s not that hard to do in Fort Wayne. Simple walking is a great start. It’s beneficial to low back pain patients and those suffering with peripheral artery disease. Exercise is beneficial; walking is simple. So Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc says “walk”!

First, walk for relief of peripheral artery disease symptomatology. For those with peripheral artery disease (with and without intermittent claudication), walking works. How much is necessary? Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc says start where you are (after we talk at your next Fort Wayne chiropractic visit!). Making regular walking a part of your daily routine of life is terrific. And if you would walk “intensively,” even better! (1) Fort Wayne offers some nice places to walk inside and out. Take advantage! Your peripheral artery disease will thank you! Plus, 1200 patients in 18 trials can’t be wrong! It’s reported that intensive walking exercise by patients with peripheral artery disease improves significantly the maximal walking distance, pain-free walking distance, and 6-minute walking distance. The results in peripheral artery disease patients with diabetes wasn’t as exciting, but improvement was noted. Fort Wayne diabetic patients know exercise is good for their overall health!

(Side study: Being part of a walking support group helps peripheral artery disease patients keep walking, improves functionality, and prevents mobility loss. (2) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is here to be your support group!)

Second, walk for low back pain relief. Walking exercise for back pain relief may not relieve pain in the way you think. New research points to walking’s effect on regulating the inflammatory cytokines (chemicals that form in joints and muscles) and counteracting the oxidative stress that accompanies back pain. (3) Fascinating! Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc loves the fact that this research is looking beyond just the physicality of walking to relieve pain. There is so much more!

Back pain, peripheral artery disease and even diabetes are common conditions walking through the door at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc. Fort Wayne chiropractic patients come for pain relief. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc’s wholistic approach to health naturally incorporates beneficial interventions  that can improve the well-being of our Fort Wayne patients…and their families! Walking is just such an intervention! So contact Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc today. Bring your back pain, diabetes, peripheral artery disease and any other concern with you. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is ready to help!