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September 09, 2015

picture of lady doing yoga

Yoga to some is burning away some stress. Yoga to others is strengthening. Yoga to others is exercise. To Fort Wayne chiropractic patients, Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc offers some alluring information about the effects of yoga and various postures on the heart, blood pressure and core muscles which support the spine. Yoga may add that special something to the treatment plan of back pain for some patients by strengthening those core muscles.

First, a group of researchers studied particular yoga postures (Asanas) for their effects on heart rate, blood pressure, systolic pressure and diastolic pressure. Rather than share all the specifics of each posture, Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc found it interesting to note the balance of yoga. Some postures increase blood pressures while others decrease them. Some postures’ effects even differ between right and left sided performance. Postures requiring effort exertion done before relaxation provide greater cardiovascular recovery. (1) Yoga can be exertive and relaxing as well as beneficial.

And the benefits of yoga don’t stop with the cardiovascular system. The muscular system benefits, too. Plus, for those Fort Wayne chiropractic patients who have back pain, yoga’s approach to strengthening the core to support the spine may be the better balanced approach. Why? Because abdominal exercises like sit-ups promote a slouched posture and diaphragm compression whereas yoga postures promote a more upright posture and openness for breathing. And exercises like sit-ups often encourage quantity. “How many sit-ups did you do today?” The more beneficial approach is the quality approach to abdominal core strengthening: upright posture, breathing. (2) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc encourages exercise and is ready to discuss and even demonstrate how quality beats quantity when it comes to abdominal exercise for the spine-supporting core.

So contact Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc today for a Fort Wayne chiropractic care consultation about your spine conditions like back pain and leg pain as well as about the quality of your core exercises. A few yoga postures may be effective additions to your Fort Wayne chiropractic treatment plan!