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February 17, 2015

Vitamin D is the “hot” vitamin of the day. There's a pretty good reason that it is:

  • 50% of the GLOBAL populace is at risk for Vitamin D deficiency! (1)
  • In Poland, an astonishing 80% of their populace is lacking Vitamin D! (2)
  • 83% of Polish newborns are born deficient because 78% of their mothers are deficient. (2)

Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc emphasizes that all of us Fort Wayne folks need to check our Vitamin D levels and proclaim:

“We need Vitamin D!”

Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc spots Vitamin D’s acclaim by all of the news reports and commercials on TV - a perk of our media we can value highly.

Vitamin D deficiency can change our skin, bone, mental state, and more. It puts us at risk for cancer, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, and infectious diseases. (1) It’s amazing that one nutrient can have such influence, but vitamin D does. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc encourages Fort Wayne chiropractic patients to keep their vitamin D levels high to avoid the pitfalls of suffering with a Vitamin D deficiency.

Improving Vitamin D levels may help us all in Fort Wayne to


  • curb depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Vitamin D levels fluctuate with the seasons. (3)
  • reduce bone fractures and related osteoporosis issues. (1, 4)
  • keep our nursing home residents going a bit longer. Elderly folks in Swedish nursing homes are at higher risk of mortality with their Vitamin D deficiencies. (5)
  • prevent disease – rickets (children) and osteomalacia (adults). (4, 1)


So Fort Wayne chiropractic clients, join Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc in checking our Vitamin D levels and getting some safe sun, eating some Vitamin D rich foods (like salmon, tuna, liver, soy milk), and/or taking supplements to boost our levels. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in our overall general health (1, 4) and in our mental state by keeping depression at bay. (3)

Contact Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc if you are at risk for any of these conditions or want to maximize your system to avoid them! Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is at hand to help! As an added bonus, your Fort Wayne chiropractor will adjust your spine, use Cox Technic, and keep your spine and all its related systems strong and functioning maximally!