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June 19, 2012

Vitamin D - a powerful vitamin! - isn't just for osteoporosis though it’s most valuable for it; Vitamin D is advantageous for your coronary health, too. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc talks often about Vitamin D for your bones and osteoporosis prevention and care, but we want our Fort Wayne patients to know that your heart may be at risk if you have a Vitamin D shortage. So read on about this new study…

We in Fort Wayne can learn much from the Korean researchers who looked into Vitamin D status and its association with subclinical atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries by buildup of calcified cholesterol plaques) in 439 men and 561 women aged 65 years or older. The analysts found the coronary artery calcium score and stenosis (narrowing of the artery) by cardiac computed tomography. They also calculated the thickness of the carotid arteries and looked at the blood pressures in the lower and upper extremities. Now, after modifying for certain factors, analysis showed that...

  • participants with a low vitamin D concentration had a higher risk of significant coronary artery stenosis (blockage in the coronary arteries of the heart).
  • the odds ratios comparing deficiency of Vitamin D showed that the lower the Vitamin D intake, the greater the coronary artery buildup of atherosclerosis. (1)

Enjoy some sun for Vitamin D.Your Fort Wayne chiropractic clinic can help you with stating a Vitamin D supplementation and diet changes to repress and control atherosclerosis changes in your body. Even increasing sun exposure may be part of your new Vitamin D lifestyle to mitigate the consequences of a Fort Wayne Vitamin D deficiency. (1)

Be sure to contact Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc to discuss your Vitamin D status for osteoporosis and coronary health and artherosclerosis prevention. We are here to support your healthy Fort Wayne wellness lifestyle.