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December 20, 2016

Sleep. Cooperation. Vitamin E. Vitamin D. Calcium. Quercetin. Exercise. So many approaches to help osteoporosis!

And how does Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc help our Fort Wayne chiropractic patients with osteoporosis deal with it? In all ways we can! Osteoporosis is a multifaceted disease that has ramifications for older folks but can be prevented if prepared for when we’re young folks. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc hopes our Fort Wayne chiropractic patients read and take action with a few of these morsels of information as they apply to the men and women, old and young of our families.

First, women and men. Women are often the ones warned about osteoporotic fractures and DEXA scans schedules and are the focus of osteoporosis discussions, but in one study 45% of men over 65 years of age have osteoporosis. (1) Can you believe that? Listen up, Fort Wayne men!

Second, osteoporosis is really a disease of youth, not necessarily of the elderly. Bone mass is built when we’re young. Youthful Fort Wayne chiropractic clients will want to encourage their kids to join them in being proactive with their diets, exercise routines, and lifestyles to ward off Fort Wayne osteoporosis-related problems later in life.

And what are some of the steps to deal with osteoporosis? One is sleep. Disturbed sleep affects with bone stiffness, a marker of osteoporosis. Poor sleep quality is related to osteoporosis! (2) Another is cooperating with a set treatment plan. Those at risk for osteoporosis may not “get it,” may not get their risk for fracture and won’t do what they have to do to deal with it until they see what osteoporosis does to their bones via drawings and other visuals. (3) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc works to be sure our Fort Wayne chiropractic patients understand well their condition and the treatment plan best to address the problem. Another step is supplementation: Vitamin E for supporting bone structure (4) and keeping away the free radicals in the body as an antioxidant (5), Vitamin D and calcium for bone matrix structure (6), chondroitin sulfate for stimulating bone formation (7), and quercetin for protection against osteoporosis as it is able to scavenge free radicals and keep them from damaging cells that make up bone (8). Then, there is exercise: Treadmill exercise prevents senile osteoporosis. (9)  Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc has a treatment plan with clear steps to deal with osteoporosis for Fort Wayne chiropractic patients and their loved ones.

Now, one article reported that general medical practitioners were ambivalent, unsure about the impact of osteoporosis. They felt other diseases were more important than osteoporosis. They weren’t sure of guidelines to care for osteoporosis. They were also worried about the financial side of osteoporosis care and how their patients would deal with it. (10) Know that Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc isn’t ambivalent in the least when it comes to osteoporosis. Fort Wayne osteoporosis  fractures are real. Fort Wayne osteoporosis means of prevention are real. Fort Wayne osteoporosis means of treatment are real.

Contact Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc today to discuss your risk and risk prevention of osteoporosis and its related fractures. There’s a Fort Wayne chiropractic treatment plan of sleep, nutrition, exercise and education just for you and your family members of all ages and both genders!