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Fort Wayne Knee Osteoarthritis and Quality of Life with a Mediterranean Diet

January 08, 2019

What do creaky, popping, cracking knees and olive oil, fruits, veggies and red wine have in common? Knee osteoarthritis! Fort Wayne knee pain sufferers undergo the morning routine with “bad” knees, the stiffness and pain that is part of waking up and moving. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc hears our Fort Wayne chiropractic patients describe this all the time. Those Fort Wayne knee pain sufferers would appreciate getting some relief. What’s one way to get some relief? The Mediterranean diet that involves, of all things, eating. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc wonders “How hard can eating be for Fort Wayne knee pain relief?”


Fort Wayne knee osteoarthritis is common. There are numerous Fort Wayne knee pain sufferers. They are not alone! 240 million people around the world endure osteoarthritis. That bothers about 10% of men and 18% of women. (1) Any Fort Wayne knee osteoarthritis sufferer recognizes the knee pain, the morning stiffness, and the creaky joint motion that reduces the quality of daily life. (1) It is just not much fun. Now a Mediterranean diet has potential to be fun though!


The Mediterranean diet incorporates lots of fruits and vegetable, legumes and nuts, cereals and seeds, seafood and fish. The Mediterranean diet permits moderate intake of dairy, poultry and eggs along with red wine and olive oil as the chief source of dietary lipids. (1) Yum! Eating a Mediterranean diet can be quite tasty and exciting for a recent Mediterranean diet enthusiast.


Knee osteoarthritis involves inflammation in addition to pain. An analysis of 3 studies points out that biomarkers of inflammation and cartilage degradation due to osteoarthritis decreased in the Mediterranean diet group. (1) Specifically, the pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-1α decreased in the Mediterranean diet group. (2) Knee osteoarthritis patients who better followed a Mediterranean diet have reduced risk of deteriorating knee pain at 4 years follow up. For those who did not have knee osteoarthritis at the beginning of the 4 years project and followed a Mediterranean diet, a 9% reduced risk of acquiring knee osteoarthritis was reported. (3) Overall, a higher adherence to a Mediterranean diet is affiliated with improved quality of life and decreased pain, disability and depressive symptoms. (4)

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Luigi Albano on the Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he discusses his use of Cox® Technic principles adapted to knee treatment to relieve back pain as well as partner with a patient to get some relief of her knee osteoarthritis pain. The patient was thrilled with the drop in pain on the first visit!

Schedule a Fort Wayne chiropractic visit with Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc to discover an improved quality of life with some relieving Fort Wayne chiropractic care with Cox® Technic knee treatment plus specific recommendation of a Mediterranean diet for better quality of life and reduced pain and inflammation.  Your creaky, painful knees will appreciate it!

Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc shares recent research about how good a Mediterranean Diet is for knee osteoarthritis as well as quality of life improvement.