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August 23, 2011
fun for man with yoyo, but not with weight loss
Yo-Yo’s can be fun, but not yo-yo weight loss. Talk with Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc for a weight loss program for you, so you can stop the yo-yo.

Weight-cycling or the Lose-Gain-Lose-Gain-More routine frustrates you and many others in Fort Wayne. You are not alone! 
Here are some facts:
  • Bad News: Weight-cycling causes excess body weight and belly fat. (1) Dementia is associated with higher body fat. (2) Excess weight strains your joints, your back, your body. (3)  More body fat (higher BMI) is associated with higher low back pain intensity and disability. (5)
  • Good News: Weight loss in obese people is associated with improvements in attention functioning and memory. (2) Weight loss lightens the stress on your body and its joints by reducing pain in the elbow, upper back, lower back, and hip regions as well as overall pain. (3) Obese patients with low back pain who lost weight enjoyed low back pain relief in addition to improved function. (4)
What to do? Make a decision. If you want to lose weight, great! Talk with Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc. Make a plan. Be sure you get enough nutrition. Lose weight with passion. Lose weight because you want to. Lose weight slowly. Once you lose weight, you want it to last.  Make losing weight a lifestyle choice, not a quick-fix event.

yo-yo weight loss stopped
Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is here for your health. We have helped Fort Wayne residents set and reach health and wellness goals like weight loss.

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, then contact Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc. We are here with a range of chiropractic services to help you meet your health goals like weight loss without the yo-yo!