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September 03, 2013

Back pain – Heartburn – Leg Pain – Pregnancy!?

Pregnancy related pains take the “aww” out of the pregnancy joy! Back pain interrupts the “aww” phase of pregnancy for up to 90% of women. (1) The “aww” of “That’s great that you’re pregnant!” turns into the “aww” of “I’m so sorry to hear about your back pain!”

Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc welcomes and enjoys caring for our Fort Wayne pregnant ladies. They are such a joy! There’s just something about the glow of pregnancy that brings out the happiness in everyone. But if back pain or related leg pain and even heartburn ensue - which they usually do in the latter part of pregnancy - the glow is dimmed a bit. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc can bring it back!

First, the heartburn. You can, of course, drink more water, eat more smaller meals, and avoid lying down right after eating, but if these don’t quite cut it (2), try some Fort Wayne chiropractic care! One article describes success in relieving pregnancy-related heartburn with chiropractic. (3) That would be our goal at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc, too!

Second, the back pain.  A recent Canadian survey of chiropractic physicians reported that the chiropractors effectively treated pregnant patients with various chiropractic techniques. In addition to chiropractic care, 90% of the Canadian chiropractors referred the pregnant patients with back pain out for massage therapy, 92% prescribed stretching exercises, 84% recommended a multivitamin, and 81% recommended folic acid.  (4) All good things! Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc offers gentle, safe Cox Technic for the relief of pregnancy-related back pain and even leg pain.

Our Fort Wayne pregnant patients – as well as non-pregnant patients! – appreciate the gentle nature of our treatment with Cox Technic. Pregnant patients may lie on their stomachs if they’re not too far along or on their sides when their bellies gets a bit larger. We’ll find a position that is as comfortable as possible. One research article shares that the side-lying position is comfortable for the patient as well as effective. (1)

Third, the leg pain. Pregnant patients may also experience leg pain along with or instead of back pain. That’s not a problem for your Fort Wayne chiropractor at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc. Our pregnant patients find relief like the patient in the Kruse et al. report did: relief in the first visit with total resolution of pain in just 8 visits. (1)

Another study that interviewed pregnant women about their chiropractic care quoted one patient as saying (5)


Results may vary, but relief may be at hand!

So if the glow of pregnancy is dimmed by pain for you or a pregnant loved one, contact Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc today. You’ll enjoy the “aww” of pregnancy once again!