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Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc Shares Tips for Lifting Safely to Prevent Back Pain

June 01, 2021

Have you heard how lifting can be hard on a low back? If you are a Fort Wayne chiropractic patient with low back pain, you have! You’ve likely even experienced it personally. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc explains proper lifting techniques to our back pain patients early on in treatment. It is important to keep the spine protected while it heals! New studies suggest that back supports and even hand support techniques during lifting can help.


Mechanical loading is a major risk factor for low back pain. The loading may be due to lifting a heavy or light object that triggers Fort Wayne back pain. Much of how the pain comes on is via the response of back  muscles during the lift. Newly designed “exoskeletons” are being tested. They go beyond a back brace but demonstrate some promise in reducing lumbar flexion and lowering the compressive force on the back by 13-21% while bending. Peak compressive force during lifting was decreased by 14%. The researchers are optimistic that such devices could reduce the risk of compression-related tissue failure while lifting. (1) For now, Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc focuses on what’s available widely today to help our Fort Wayne back pain patients control their back pain once the pain is diminished by controlling their spine-related motions.


It would seem that there would be a huge difference in spine action between picking up a pencil and lifting a crate, but there isn’t much difference when discussing how the low back responds while lifting. Interesting! Researchers explored how most people pick things up off the floor – with a hand on a thigh for support – made a difference. They proposed that it would lead to decreased load on the back. The volunteers lifted two kinds of things - a pencil and a crate - off the floor with researchers noting every move and muscle response. Using a hand on the thigh for support while bending for the pencil on the floor decreased the average peak total stresses by 17 to 25% (depending on the lifting method). Hand support while lifting the crate dropped the peak total stresses by 13-19% for one-handed lifting and 14-26% for two-handed lifting. (2) Hand support while lifting may protect the low back. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc has some other ways to limit lifting stresses on the spine to control Fort Wayne back pain and its recurrence: support belts to exercise to spinal manipulation to back school. It’s a comprehensive treatment plan you’ll want to embrace!

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Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc presents research on lifting’s risks for triggering back pain as well as ways to avoid it.