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May 15, 2012

At Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc, neck injuries from such things as automobile accidents, falls, or any injury are tended to and many times are relieved gently and safely. These kinds of injuries can be serious, causing spinal cord swelling and neurological damage to body function which brings about neck pain and arm pain. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is delighted to give you some good news with Fort Wayne patients about non-surgical treatment!

Cervical spine disc herniationNew studies are revealing that when cervical spine discs herniate to create such damage, even injuries with spinal cord damage (myelopathy), regression of the disc herniation allows the betterment of the nerve damage. This is good news because in the past, it was many times discovered that such damage culminated in surgery and oftentimes chronic, unresolved symptoms for patients.

In the latest study, researchers analyzed nineteen patients who had small cervical spinal cord damage due to disc herniations in their necks. These patients exhibited spontaneous regression of the disc after non-surgical, conservative care of their injury. MRI studies even prove the regression of the disc herniation! It took 7.5 months average time for the regression to happen. The damage within the spinal cord was seen on MRI in 79% of the cases before treatment and in 47% of the patients at follow-up. The area of the spinal cord also grew following conservative care. (1) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc offers  non-surgical, conservative care to relieve our Fort Wayne neck pain and arm pain patients.

So, if you are dealing with neck pain, arm pain, or other nerve damage from an injury such as a car accident, fall, or other trauma, contact Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc. This report by researchers is positive evidence for the conservative, non-surgical care given by Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc. Spontaneous regression of cervical disc herniations in 19 patients with mild cervical myelopathy shown on MRI and demonstrated with neurological status improvement amplifies the cry for non-surgical care of disc herniations. The bottomline excitement for Fort Wayne neck pain patients is that spinal cord damage reverses with cervical disc herniation regression and no surgery!