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April 17, 2012

sleepless in Fort WayneSleepless in Fort Wayne? You're not alone, particularly if it's pain in your lower back that's keeping you up. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is prepared to assist you in getting rid of pain and get some good sleep!

If you are middle aged or older and have lower back pain, one possibility to think about is a curvature of the low back called degenerative lumbar scoliosis as a potential reason for such lack of quality sleep. After all, don't we feel better when we sleep well?

Now, degenerative lumbar scoliosis is simply a spine curvature in your lower back that is a bit more than common, and it's not all that uncommon. Such a curve may have existed from your teenage years of life and then to some extent advanced in the middle or older years of life.

You may ask – Why did it only start hurting as I got a little older but did not hurt me when I was younger? The explanation is that as you aged, the weakness and irritation of your spine during normal activities of daily living resulted in the normal discs (pads of cartilage between the vertebra) to degenerate or thin. Such disc degeneration results in the production of chemicals in the disc that irritate nerves to result in pain. This is the pain that may keep you from sleeping well at night. (1)

What can Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc do for you? First our chiropractic examination will determine if you have such a curvature in your spine and then figure out the extent to which it causes your pain. Then the chiropractic treatment plan will be started, including the application of specialized chiropractic spinal manipulation to improve the curvature and stop the production of chemical irritants that cause the pain. Other aids may be also used to relieve your pain, such as electrical therapy, specific exercises to strengthen muscles in the curvature for its muscle correction, and nutrition. All this is to help you find lower back pain relief and thereby providing better rest at night. Now that is a welcome benefit of chiropractic care.

If you have pain in your lower back that interferes with your sleep, contact your back pain relief chiropractic clinic in Fort Wayne for relief like so many others have experienced already!