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November 27, 2012
Throughout the waking hours of the day, we shrink an average of 2 cm in height; that's nearly an inch!  Wow.
So how does your Fort Wayne chiropractor enter this picture? Well, Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc knows the result of gravity on the human spine and the importance of spinal manipulation to maintain the best posture, motion, and health of your spine. Why is this important? Because such efforts can counter, or greatly lower, the occurrence of disc degeneration and back pain in your life.

Let’s talk about the spinal disc so as to appreciate how chiropractic can help achieve and keep a healthy spine. For starters, the disc consists of two parts, the NUCLEUS PULPOSUS on the inside of the disc and the ANNULUS FIBROSIS which surrounds and contains the nucleus pulposus. The nucleus pulposus is a gel-like material which usually is nearly 80% water and the annulus fibrosis is a ligament-like structure surrounding the nucleus that controls motion of one vertebra / bone on its adjacent vertebra which allows normal spinal motion.

It is beneficial to understand that the two parts of the disc are seamlessly merging into each other and contain electrical charges. Yes, your spine is electric! The fluid of the disc carries positively and negatively charged ions which determine the coupled behavior of solid deformation and fluid flow. The human body is reduced by roughly 2 centimeters during the waking phase of the day. This change in height is triggered by mechanical loads stemming from the body weight, which squeezes the interstitial fluid out of the disc, making it lose height. During sleep, this electro-chemical imbalance is reset with the disc’s absorbing fluid back into itself through the process of osmosis. (1)


You can see, then, that the spinal disc is constantly exposed to compressive and absorptive changes. Your Fort Wayne chiropractor can treat you to best ensure proper spinal mechanics to manage this constant, daily mechanical stress on your disc. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc utilizes spinal manipulation to ensure proper spine motion, nutrition to supply such requirements of the disc to maintain its health, and advice about proper spinal movements in daily life to reduce the already excessive stress on your spinal discs.
facts on exercise and low back pain
So just keep in mind that disc degeneration is a risk factor for developing chronic low back pain. (2) Fortunately, Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is your partner to prevent disc degeneration and control the changes it brings. 
Visit Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc soon or contact us to make your next appointment. Preventing disc degeneration is a benefit of our Fort Wayne chiropractic care.