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December 09, 2014

picutre of christmas giftThe has arrived in Fort Wayne. All of us Fort Wayne chiropractors, teachers, parents, workers, and employees are experiencing the holiday stress. Let’s all make a vow to better cope this year! Here are 5 tools Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc offers:

  1. A Grateful Attitude
    • Be grateful. Gratitude leads to joy which is what the holiday season is all about!
  2. Good Food
    • Eat well especially on the days between your parties.
    • Mix in fruits and vegetables.
    • Enjoy the sweets, but don't go crazy with them. Extraneous sugar for immediate energy turns into fat. Fat will simply add to your back pain!
    • Stay hydrated. Begin a new water drinking habit. Eight glasses of water a day is a fine start! Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc promotes water consumption for your bone, skin, spinal disc, bowel, mind, and appetite! (1)
  3. Movement
    • Just move. Walk more.
    • Schedule a workout or a yoga class (2) or a walk at the gym or on the treadmill.
    • Start a new routine of waking to motion with a simple exercise you can do while in bed even: knee-chest and hamstring stretch.
  4. Self-Care
    • Don’t ignore signs of back pain or neck pain. All that Fort Wayne shopping and gift wrapping (There's no ideal position to get this job done!) may strain your spine. Schedule a visit to your Fort Wayne chiropractor - your back pain specialist - sooner than later.  Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is here for you!
    • Breathe. Focus on the breath when too many decisions have to be made, too many cookies have to be baked, too many gifts have to be wrapped. Just breathe. It's astonishing what 6 even breaths in and out will do.
    • Visualize calm. When "too much" comes your way, visualize yourself in your favorite location: a beach, a snow capped mountain, a hot tub, a lounge chair in front of a fire. Ahhh.
    • Close your eyes. Not while you're actually driving to grandmother's house, but close your eyes for a moment while sitting at your desk or in your car. Closing your eyes shuts out all the stimuli if only for a moment.
    • Soak in the sun whenever possible. Its Vitamin D does wonders for your bones and immunity and spirit! (3)
    • Appreciate some Fort Wayne chiropractic care!
  5. Sleep
    • Sleep gives your mind and body a rest to be ready for more! (4)

The holidays are so busy. The time is so short. The demands – self imposed or family imposed or work imposed or society imposed – are high. Your Fort Wayne chiropractor and all the staff at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc feel it, too. Let’s support each other this year! Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc looks forward to your relaxing, re-energizing, pain-relieving holiday Fort Wayne chiropractic visit! Contact us today. Happy Holidays!