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Fort Wayne Back Pain Patients Expect Results from Chiropractic Care

November 26, 2019

“I don’t want this pain to get worse.”

“I want some pain relief.”

“I want pain relief.”

“I want this back pain to go away and never return.”

Back pain and neck pain patients have a tendency to have varying goals for their pain. The goal of healthcare policy is mostly curative. Many chronic pain patients know otherwise. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc knows otherwise. We all want relief and some hint of control over how and when back pain and neck pain appear and disappear. Chiropractic care is for these patients. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc’s chiropractic care looks at a problem like back and neck pain and acknowledges that often there is no “cure,” but there is “control.” Back pain and neck pain patients who have had a few episodes with either condition realize this, too. They align their healthcare goals with their experience: there is not always a cure, but there is often control to prevent pain episodes and relieving care to get through the pain bouts as fast as possible. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is the Fort Wayne chiropractic home for back and neck pain patients. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is home of the Fort Wayne back pain specialist.


Chiropractic back pain specialists know their back pain and neck pain patients well. A newly released study of 1614 patients suffering with chronic low back pain (885) and chronic neck pain (729) revealed their goals for chiropractic care of their conditions. About a third of them wanted the pain to disappear permanently and were more likely to have suffered with pain for a briefer period of time and hold a deeper belief in medical cure; they sought a cure. 22% of low back pain and 16% of neck pain patients wanted to stop their pain from returning and tended to have lower pain levels. 14% of low back and 12% of neck pain patients wished to stop their pain from getting worse. 31% of back pain and 41% of neck pain patients sought temporary relief of their pain. These last two groups of patients tended to have experienced pain for a longer period of time. Which group do you fall into? Like most humans, there is a difference from person to person contingent on their experience that chiropractors and other healthcare providers need to understand. (1) Such patient expectations are documented to predict short-term outcomes of chiropractic care for low back pain. Another study documented that patients with a high expectation of improvement were 58% more likely to report an improvement at the fourth appointment. (2) Certainly, having healthcare providers of various professions working together can raise low back pain patients’ likelihoods of relief. (3) Today, the patient is the focus for healthcare providers. Patient-centered care depends on patient-reported outcomes to tell the story. The patient’s perspective needs to always be taken into account. And when it comes to non-pharmacological treatment of low back pain, active patient involvement is essential. (4) At Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc the Fort Wayne back pain patient is at the center of all we do.

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Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc takes into account patients’ expectations of the care they seek for their back pain and neck pain and seeks to meet them.