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Fort Wayne Lifestyle Choices with Fort Wayne Chiropractic Input

January 09, 2018

Fort Wayne lifestyle choices are numerous and impact daily life in how we function emotionally, physically, and socially. There is an array of Fort Wayne lifestyle choices from taking a run or walk to sitting around, from eating unhealthy foods to eating healthy foods, from coping with pain or discomfort by facing it or using medication sensibly to disregarding it and using medications (prescribed or illegal) irresponsibly. Fort Wayne chiropractic services also run the gamut from relieving neck pain and back pain and arm pain and leg pain to coaching a Fort Wayne chiropractic patient who wants to lives healthier life and make better lifestyle choices. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is prepared for the duty if wanted by our individual Fort Wayne chiropractic patient. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc meets each Fort Wayne chiropractic patient where he or she is!


Recently, a group of researchers came up with a survey inviting respondents over 18 years of age to rate lifestyle choices with regards to healthcare access and distribution. (Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc finds this to be some concept, but these Portugal researchers studied this idea!) The lifestyle choices were smoking, illegal drug use, alcohol consumption, and unhealthy diet. Survey participants put down illegal drug use most (65.5%) then heavy alcohol use (61.5%), smoking (51.0%), and unhealthy diet (29.7%). They agreed that those who are involved in these habits should receive lower priority to healthcare access. (1) Pretty amazing results. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is ready to help all Fort Wayne chiropractic patients who come to the office with spine pain relief [[as well as with|in addition to] 36] a plan to modify any unhealthy lifestyle habits desired. Our Fort Wayne chiropractic patients lead the way with these choices. As the Harvard Health Letter (November 2017) states chiropractors like your Fort Wayne chiropractor at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc utilize exercise for posture and strengthening as well as hands-on spinal manipulation to relieve back pain, enhance function, and help the body heal itself. Chiropractors regularly work cooperatively with other doctors. Chiropractors can prescribe diet, exercise, and stretching programs. (2)


Trust that your Fort Wayne chiropractor is the Fort Wayne back pain specialist and embraces that role. Your Fort Wayne chiropractor is fully aware of how lifestyle choices affect back pain and neck pain and spine related pain conditions. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is well equipped and excited to work with any Fort Wayne chiropractic patients seeking lifestyle change. Our Fort Wayne chiropractic patients trust our partnership in this regard for it is nurturing and complimentary, not overbearing and judgmental.

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Schedule your Fort Wayne chiropractic appointment today. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is thankful for the fact that there are so many lifestyle choices and that our healthcare system isn’t discriminatory in healthcare access when it comes to these choices. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc empathizes when poorer ones negatively impact the lives of our Fort Wayne patients. Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc is compassionately available to help anyone desiring to make better lifestyle choices related to a spinal condition or not.

Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc offers an array of chiropractic services to Fort Wayne chiropractic patients who want to make healthier lifestyle choices.