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January 2023 Healthy News from Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc Treatment Plan for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Relief

image of Fort Wayne lumbar spinal stenosis


Lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) is reportedly one of the most common spinal conditions in the US, affecting more than 500 million people over 65 years old. (1) As researchers struggle to propose a more systematic approach to managing patient care for lumbar spinal stenosis sufferers, your Fort Wayne chiropractor delivers gentle, safe, relieving treatment. The latest attempt at a system emphasized that each LSS patient is unique in his/her presentation which restrains any algorithm to be “soft guidance” as to its treatment plan based initially on the LSS patient's pain relief in spinal flexion. (2) Since spinal stenosis is typically a systemic issue, which means that if you have spinal stenosis in the lumbar spine, you likely have it in other spinal areas like the cervical as well, you don’t want to ignore it. Further, lumbar spinal stenosis is not a condition that appears and disappears forever. Its pain can be managed, but it’s often “chronic,” meaning it lasts beyond 90 days. Have hope! Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc can help with lumbar spinal stenosis relief. One study documented that flexion distraction significantly decreased pain and disability for lumbar spinal stenosis patients. (3) Another study noted that chronic back pain sufferers with moderate to severe symptoms got better the most with the chiropractic technique, Cox® Technic Flexion Distraction Decompression (CTFDD), compared with physical therapy. (4) Those same patients had significantly lower pain scores over the following year than did patients who did physical therapy. (5) LSS patients also have altered gait and balance concerns. (1,6) CTFDD helps these things, too! A study regarding the influence of spinal manipulation on balance issues in LSS patients explained that flexion distraction spinal manipulation improved function, symptoms, and performance-based mobility in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis. (6) We also look forward to the outcomes of a prospective data collection study in its second year of follow-up with patients who were treated with CTFDD for relief of their LSS-associated back pain. Data collection will be done in late 2023 with results being published in the years to come. Fort Wayne lumbar spinal stenosis is everywhere, and its relieving partner is your Fort Wayne chiropractor here at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc!

Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Dean Greenwood on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he explains his alleviating treatment of a spinal stenosis patient with The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management.

picture of Fort Wayne spinal stenosis exercise and walking 
TIP OF THE MONTH: Stretch, Strengthen, Walk for LSS Improvement

As a set of researchers begins a new study to see if a 6-week education and exercise program will enhanced the walking capacity of lumbar spinal stenosis patients who also have neurogenic claudication (7), we} suggest walking and exercising now! Much research exhibits that lumbar spinal stenosis responds to exercise. A study showed that individualized exercise (stretches and strengthening) mixed with manual therapy (like out CTFDD spinal manipulation mobilization!) outperformed medical care and group exercise with greater symptom and function improvement as well as walking capacity at 2 months of care. (8) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc has just the program of stretching, strengthening, and manipulation for you! We’ll set it up together!

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