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We carry only the top shelf supplement products from the best manufacturers to ensure you are getting the highest quality ingredients and the best delivery system available. Quality is no accident. It is priceless!

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Formula One - $21.00

A Cox Formulation, Complete multi-vitamin, mineral essential, amino acids

Formula Two - $19.00

A Cox Formulation, best absorbed form of calcium available

Discat Plus - $42.00

A Cox Formulation, Glucosamine /Chondroitin, Essential for joint health, disc problems, sciatica, arm pain, anti-inflammatory

Vitamin D/5000iu - $16.00 Liquid $15.00

For bone density and immune system

Vitamin D Supreme:Vit D 5000iu/Vitamin K2 - $72.00

Immune support
Heart Disease

EPA/DHA - $26.00, Liquid $34.00

Fish oil
Lower cholesterol support
Reduce inflammation & pain and heart disease risks

Vitamin A/ 10000iu - $7.00

Shinny hair and nails
Osteoporosis support with Vitamin D and K12

Greens First - $42.00

10 Servings of fruit and vegetables, a fabulous anti-oxidant, Great for colon health, digestion, reflux/probiotic

Policosanol - $32.00

Naturally lowers cholesterol, a great combo with EPA/DHA fish-oil, works better than Pravacol – proven!

Prostrate Supreme - $38.00

Replaces Prostata, for prostate support & prevention of prostate disease, very important for men older than 50

Pan5X - $27.00

For digestion, great for reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohns/indigestion/ bloating

Betaine HCL - $18.00


Active B-Complex (Metylated) - $18.00

A great stress formula, for men & women, women especially if pregnant (Adrenal Fatigue and Pantethine)

Creatine - $18.00

For muscle building/endurance

Osteo-Gen - $35.00

Helps to fight osteoporosis

B-12 Active - $14.00


BioFreeze - $16.00

A pain relief rubVery Popular!

Flax Plus Fiber - $20.00

Helps with colon health & regularity, a great source of fiber & calms the colon, diarrhea, constipation, reflux, & irritable bowel

Formula 303 (Valerian Root) (90 count) - $29.00 (250 Count) $59.00

A natural, non-addictive relaxant for stress relief, muscle spasm, or a sleep aid

CoQ10 - $35.00

For heart tissue, important for heart health & energy productionVery important if taking statin

Magnesium - $22.00

An essential mineral for calcium absorption & energy production300 enzyme uses in the body!

Buffered Vitamin C - $15.00

Vitamin C, for immune system supportHealing skin/injuries/bruising

Multigenics Chewable - $24.00

A Multi-Vitamin, great for children or anyone who cannot swallow pills

Nutra-Flax - $22.00

A natural fiber source for colon health, irritable bowel, Crohns, etc.

Pro-Flora - $24.00

For colon restoration, to be taken after antibiotic use to restore natural bacteria, Good for diarrhea, constipation, Crohns, IBS

Prenatal - $40.00

A pregnancy multiple vitamin, for women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, start 3 months before

Thyrosine Complex - $19.00

For low thyroid function, tired, cold, fatigued, reduced libido, & constipation

Vitamin E - $16.00

For heart tissue, reduced heart disease risks, & for cancer risks, a great anti-oxidant
Essential to take with fish oil

Pregnenolone - $25.00

Adrenal Fatigue
Hormone Precursor

Pantethine - $29.00

Support Healthy Serum Lipids
Adrenal Fatigue support

DHEA - $16.00

Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome
Hormone precursor

Anti-Oxidant - $26.00

Fights Aging/Cancer/Heart Disease/Illness Prevention

Chewable Vitamin C - $19.00

Melatonin - $12.00

Sleep Support

Biotagen - $25.00

Foor for Good Gut Bacteria
Helps build up Colon and Immune System

Galactomune - $25.00

Foor for Good Gut Bacteria
Helps build up Colon and Immune System

Fiber Gummies - $25.00

Good for getting fiber into children

*Please Note: Product Prices are Subject to change without notice.