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October 14, 2014
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What’s the outstanding part of a long, stressful work day? Sleep!

Why best? Well, you may well like to sleep. Your body absolutely requires sleep. Statistics say that Americans don’t sleep enough. On average, we sleep about 6.8 hours a night. Seven to 9 hours a night are recommended. (1) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc sympathizes with our Fort Wayne patients who come into the office feeling more exhausted some days than others! So let’s look at sleep a little closer from the angle of how it alters what we chiropractors, we back pain specialists, aim to aid in relief: back pain, neck pain, leg pain and arm pain. And Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc offers Cox Technic in its Fort Wayne chiropractic practice for its success and safety. But now, back to sleep... 


Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc yields to the medical literature for the finest observations about sleep. Research reports that sleep is to health and cognitive function. It keeps our brains functioning and our bodies healthy! Sleep allows our bodies to regenerate and recover from the stresses of the day. As a matter of fact, researchers even equate some of the metabolic changes due to a lack of sleep – like those linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes – to changes related to stress. (2,3) Today 59% of us sleep our 7-9 hours whereas in 1942 84% of us did! (1) Fort Wayne folks need more sleep!

Poor sleep quality affects neck pain relief adversely. Neck pain patients are less likely to improve when they don’t sleep well. (4) So talk with your chiropractor at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc about your sleep quality.


Strong evidence links especially high demands at work (active jobs) with severe sleep disturbances. (5, 6) Sleep disturbances may intensify the link between high strain and troublesome neck pain, shoulder pain, and arm pain. (6) If your job is really demanding, be sure to schedule time with your Fort Wayne chiropractor to keep neck pain at bay.

Sleep disturbed firefighters are more prone to developing chronic lower back pain. (7) So those Fort Wayne workers whose schedules keep them from sleeping regularly will want to pay attention to their bodies and their sleep patterns to prevent back pain. Visit Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc for back pain care and prevention tips.


Are you sleepless in Fort Wayne? Probably! 43% of us say we’d feel better if we got more sleep. (1) How about you?

Interestingly, the older you are, the more you sleep. The fewer kids you have, the more you sleep. The older your kids are (over 18), the more you sleep. The more kids you have under 18, the less you sleep. (1) Make sense? For most of us in Fort Wayne, that sounds about right!

Contact your Fort Wayne chiropractor at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc to manage any neck pain, shoulder or arm pain you may have. Consider your sleep habits. Maybe adding a few zzz’s to your night will benefit your prevention and relief of neck pain and back pain.