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Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc Sees the Spine in Many Ways to Diagnose and Relieve Back Pain

May 11, 2022

There are so many ways to “see” the spine. Imaging, ultrasound, clinical testing. What’s best? That depends. Your Fort Wayne chiropractic spinal pain doctor at Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc implements the test(s) that are most useful to “see’’ the spine best to create the best treatment plan for treatment and relief.


Chiropractors as well as general practitioners and other healthcare providers must be on the look out for all types of underlying causes of back pain from fractures, infections, tumors, radiculopathy, axial spondylarthritis, and extravertebral causes. These may call for imaging, lab tests, etc., to help identify. 20% of back pain bouts may have these kinds of underlying issues that really should be found in a timely manner. (1) Sometimes, knee osteoarthritis and lumbar spondylosis come together in the same patient. Having one or the other issue significantly increased the odds of having the other. (2) Though they’re not likely in your vocabulary, they are in your chiropractor’s! Schmorl’s nodes. Seen on imaging, these are noted in 33% of low back pain patients and in only 11.5% of asymptomatic subjects. Body weight seems to influence the number of these seen on imaging. (3) Your Fort Wayne chiropractor is well-versed in looking for all of these and more issues.


Reduced balance capability could possibly impact recovery from low back pain. (4) Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc looks for depressive signs as they tend to add to more primary care appointments in acute low back pain patients, greater pain intensity, more disability, and less recovery in acute and chronic back pain patients. (5) Each of our Fort Wayne patients is a whole person! [[companyame]] sees you that way. So what else do we look for? All that may slow your recovery.


Whether you have low back pain or neck pain or low back or neck related leg or arm pain, your Fort Wayne chiropractor will direct your care be it just for a diagnosis and referral to the proper healthcare colleague or for the establishment of an in-house treatment plan leading to pain relief. We are here for you. We gather the spine research to keep abreast of all the latest in diagnostic tips and tools. And we offer pain-relieving spinal manipulation with The Cox® Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression System of Spinal Pain Mangement. Spinal manipulation has demonstrated itself through research to be effective in controlling low back pain as fast as immediately. Stiffness and tone were seen to increase right after treatment while elasticity decreased. (6)

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Listen to the PODCAST with Dr. Joseph D’Angiollilo on the Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes how he discovered a spinal tumor in his careful clinical exam of a man with back pain. Infrequent, yes, but such a source of pain can be found by a well-trained and experienced chiropractor like your Fort Wayne chiropractor. You are in good hands!

Make your next Fort Wayne chiropractic appointment with Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc. With so many ways available to “see” your spine, know that we’ll find what’s going on and a way to get you some pain relief. See you at your up-coming chiropractic visit! 

Cox Chiropractic Medicine Inc will use any combination of a variety of means to see the spine and diagnose its underlying pain issue to set a course for pain relief.